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Petticoats Slips: Women Wear Vintage Slips At Lingerie Art Site

Petticoat slips are made of soft fabric, are full and layered in design. Petticoats were first worn as undergarments around the year 1585 and were continued to be worn by women throughout history. The purpose of the petticoat was to hold the overskirt out in a domed shape, which was fashionable at the time. The wearing of petticoats slips allowed the waist to look smaller than it was in reality, and complemented a large bust.

Many petticoats slips throughout history were made in elaborate styles, with many even showing under open-fronted gowns during the mid-sixteenth century. Those petticoats slips worn in the eighteenth century were often made of wool or silk, giving addition warmth. Many of these petticoats slips were even designed to look like military jackets with military details.

Today, women still wear petticoats slips when they want to look sexy for their partner. Many men love the look petticoats bring to the bedroom. Those who love vintage lingerie and petticoats slips can now view photos of women in petticoats at SlipsAndCurves.us which is a site featuring hundreds of pictures of models in lingerie. The site focuses on photos of women in various types of slips and petticoats slips are certainly included. Models shown at SlipsAndCurves.us are average beauties who allow photographers to capture them in their lingerie and slips, while they are changing clothes or lounging around in lingerie. The site allows members to take a peek at hot women in petticoats slips any day of the week, all day long.
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