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Silk Slips: The History Of The Silk Slip

Most women flock to silk slips for one of two reasons. They wear them under a skirt or dress for fashion purposes or lounge around the house in them to make a sexy statement. There are few other items which feel more luxurious against the skin than silk slips. Silk slips come in winter or summer weights, making them an item to enjoy throughout the entire year. With the silk floating over a woman’s body, the silk slip is a piece of lingerie which can be enjoyed both by the wearer and her partner.

History Behind Silk Slips

Developed as far back as in 200BC, silk first became a hit in China. Industrious silkworms helped create a fabric which shined with beauty, comfort and sexiness. When Westerners came to China and first felt silk, they were amazed and bought as much of the fabric as they could.

In the 1900s, silk slips made their first appearance. They were initially worn with may other layers of undergarments. However, in the 1920s, dresses became slimmer in design and thus, slips were one of the only undergarments still worn daily. Silk slips were ideal for many outfits because the fabric of the dress wouldn’t cling to the soft and luxurious fabric of the silk slip. Wealthy women wore silk stockings with her silk slip and exuded sexuality. For those who counted each dollar, imitation silk was born.

Men will agree women look irresistible in full silk slips and half silk slips. Silk slips skin the body and flow around each curve of the woman’s breasts, hips and thighs. Modern women have since given up the everyday wear of silk slips. However, a few sexy women still wear them on a daily basis and millions of women around the world wear full silk slips to bed each night. Vintage silk slips are often worn by women under suits and are allowed to peek out of the cleavage area, intended to make a fashion statement. Vintage full slips made of silk, from the 1930s and 1940s, are often identified due to their cut and their ability to flow over the body in a particularly sensuous way. Silk slips with lace trimmed accessories in black, red and pink are extremely popular in the bedroom. Half slips made of silk, with elastic waists, allow for easy dressing and undressing.

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