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What man wasn’t excited to see hot actress Amanda Peet in a bra and half slip in Saving Silverman? Sexy underwear shots of actresses, models and even everyday women are just something men have always found hot. Even in grade school, most boys struggle to take a peek under little girls’ dresses in their class. As adults, there’s just something about underwear photos which turn men on.

Underwear photos are less common these days, however, due to most magazines running their empires devoted to nude models. Men who want to see sexy women are often stuck with viewing full nude photos. While men rarely complain, some men have lingerie fetishes and would prefer to see women in underwear photos. Some will steal their girlfriend’s Victoria Secret magazine, just to look at underwear photos but even that can get boring.

Instead of raiding the mail for the next Victoria Secret magazine, join SlipsAndCurves.us to look at underwear photos all day long, everyday. This lingerie photos site features underwear photos with everyday women wearing sexy underwear, full slips, half slips, bras and panties. If you like to leave a little to the imagination but still like sexy photos, SlipsAndCurves.us is the perfect place for you.

The underwear photos featured there are taken in a way it appears you are peeking in on a changing model. It will feel as if you are peeking through a bathroom window, getting a lovely view of a lady changing clothes and standing in her panties. Are you turned on, yet? The underwear photos are artistic, beautifully done and classy. The women in the underwear photos are beautiful, yet realistically portrayed. They are not Perfect 10 models but women you’d expect to catch your eye on the street. Everyday beauties in underwear photos…what could be better?
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