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Vintage Panties: Pinup Model Underwear Thrills Men Around The World

If pinup models turn you on, vintage panties must be one of your weaknesses. Millions of men around the world love to see a woman wearing vintage panties. While the term “vintage” is often used loosely in the lingerie world, this style of panties is a throwback to the days of pinup models wearing panties in photo shoots. Most often, the vintage panties found in stores are not truly vintage and are newly manufactured. There are a few stores throughout the world, however, which sell authentic vintage panties and vintage panty collectors often flock to these locations to find gently used vintage panties.

Women’s underwear has since evolved over time. Vintage panties were often seen as stifling apparel which rode high on the waist, creating an hourglass silhouette in the wearer. Today, panties are more comfortable, practical and sexy. In fact, panties are one piece of lingerie most often worn every day by ladies all around the world. Today’s panties often show off more than they cover, much to the delight of men with a panty fetish.

Vintage panties come in a variety of different styles. However, most vintage underwear contains ruffles of some sort. Ruffles on the front pelvic panel or ruffles on the back panel of the underwear are common. In addition, satin pinup shorts styles of vintage panties are also very attractive and highly recommended for those who love vintage panties and pinup panty styles. These pinup shorts are pleated and ruffled, adding a sense of fullness to the lower half of the wearer, without adding bulk. The panties are 1940s inspired, designed to seduce men of all ages under a traditional swing dress or even poolside.

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