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Women In Girdles: Hot Movies Often Show Women In Slip Girdles

Directors know when they cast actresses like Angelina Jolie, men are going to want to see them in sexy outfits. Thus, to draw more sex appeal to a script they often ask actresses to wear lingerie for bedroom scenes. In truth, older movies once featured women in girdles, which were big hits with men when movies first hit the scene. But, today’s women often are featured in bras and panties or more modern fullslips and halfslips.

In “Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie walked through a scene wearing nothing but a white bra and white halfslip. While this spy movie was fully focusing on the intense plot and comic underside, actress Angelina Jolie certainly made another impression. While the entire world knows more about her intense on and off screen connection with actor Brad Pitt during the filming, she also brought the heat to viewers. When paused, DVD viewers can even see white underwear and a garter belt under the half slip she wears in the movie.

Other movies such as “Divorce American Style”, featuring Debbie Reynolds and “Pillow Talk”, featuring Doris Day, were some of the first movies to feature women in girdles, fullslips or halfslips. While movies, plots and acting has evolved into something much different than in the day of Debbie Reynolds and Doris Day, men are still enjoying seeing women in girdles and slips on the big screen.

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