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Like the great Quentin Tarantino, most men enjoy seeing women in silk. It’s obvious in Tarantino’s quirky and violent film “Four Rooms” he enjoys lingerie on women as well. In “Four Rooms”, actress Jennifer Beals in featured in a silk fullslip. There’s no doubt the male fans of Tarantino’s work were thrilled with the addition of women in silk to the plot. In addition, Beals is bound by rope and even is holding a gun on her lap at what point. What could be hotter than a woman in a silk slip, bound to a chair, holding a gun?

Women in silk have excited the fantasies of men for hundreds of years. Silk was first found in China, around 200BC. When Westerners hit the area and discovered the shiny and cool material, they bought as much as they could afford to bring home with them. Since then, women have been able to wear silk slips, silk panties and more made out of this amazing material.

Those online junkies who love to see photos of women in silk can now view hundreds of photos of women wearing silk panties, silk halfslips, silk fullslips and more at SlipsAndCurves.us. The site caters to those with a weakness for women in lingerie and shows photos which make it appear as if the viewer is sneaking a peek of women changing clothing. The photos feature women partially nude or wearing beautiful lingerie. The site can be accessed any day of the week, all day.
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