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Women In Slips: Models Wow In Vanity Fair Full Slips And Half Slips At SlipsAndCurves.us

Men who love women in slips are probably familiar with the brands Vanity Fair, Vasserette, Gossard, Dior and Van Raalt. These manufacturers make the slips the lingerie models at SlipsAndCurves.us wear in the featured lingerie photos. Women in slips have been mesmerizing men all over the world for centuries. The first slips were worn year-round by women of all social statuses. However, in the late 80s slips became less of a necessary undergarment. In fact, many women no longer wear slips under their skirts. Younger women are starting to wear slips as clothing themselves, not as undergarments at all.

Sexy women of all ages do still wear slips under their work attire and in bed, making them some of the most attractive women in the world to slip loving men everywhere. When a half slip or full slip is worn underneath a dress or skirt, it can help the clothing hang smoothly and prevent chafing of the skin (when the dress/skirt is made of wool or other harsh fabrics). A half slip is a sexy piece of lingerie which hangs from the waist, like a skirt. A full slip hangs from the shoulders, with narrow and sexy straps, creating a full slip line.

Those who love to peek at women in slips online, can now browse through the hundreds of sexy photos at SlipsAndCurves.us which is an online gallery for hot lingerie photos. Each picture on the site appears as if the viewer is getting a sneak peek of a lady changing clothing, which allows the users of the site to feel more connected and enjoy a sense of naughtiness. The site offers women in slips, women in panties and other photos of women in lingerie. The models used are beautiful, yet natural. They give visitors the ability to have realistic fantasies, everyday, all day.
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