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At Slips & Curves, we are devoted to capturing sensual images of beautiful women in the context of a bygone era.  Each image

conveys a story and the personality of the model.  These are truly the "girls next door".

If you appreciate the soft caress of lace, silk, satin and lingerie on a woman's smooth curves, then you are absolutely in the right place.

We are inspired by pin-ups, boudoir, fantasies and especially our models.  Please enjoy what we have to offer and your suggestions and requests are always welcome.

                  Write us at:   SlipsAndCurves@hotmail.com

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Aug 20    Collette Khaki Skirt  vol 1

Now here is a Gallery sure to Please everyone.  Collette is a visual delight in this Gallery Series where she teases is as she shares her nylon stockings, garter, lace trimmed half slip and... well, wait until you see.  Collette's Secret is the SEXIEST EVER !!!  See for yourself...

Aug 14     Campbell Petticoat in the Studio

Summer is Hot !!!  So Hot that Campbell, one of our Hot Models has to take off  EVERYTHING in an effort to cool down.  We sure enjoyed the process... you know bra, petticoat, panties, etc...   Well, we aren't sure about you, but her effort to cool down sure made us HOT !!! 

Aug 7       Collette Blue Full Slip & Lace Dress

We just can't get enough of Collette. She is beautiful !!!   She is sexy !!!   ...and she is wearing a gorgeous Vintage Lace Trimmed Full Slip and a very see through White Lace Dress.  Well, log in and see for yourself. 

Aug 1   Campbell Slipmate of the Month August 2015

It's hard to believe how fast time flies... Campbell was our very first Slipmate back in April 2007 and now 101 Slipmates later, Campbell again adorns our Gallery as one of our most popular Slipmates.  We think she's pretty and pretty sexy too.  Well, enough words... Here's Campbell... Enjoy 

Jul 31  Gallery 563  Bonita Sexy in Black

Bonita charms us as she dances around in and out of her black lace trimmed fullslip.  Oh... did I mention she ends up dancing nude?

Jul 24   Gallery 562 Kelly Topless & Petticoat

It doesn't get any better than a sexy Gal who is topless and wearing a Petticoat.  Kelly is both... Topless and Sexy.  See for yourself.

Jul 17   Gallery 561  Collette Beautiful in Blue

Collette is stunning and enchanting in this sexy Gallery update.  She captures our attention and our hearts as she shares her lace trimmed sky blue fullslip 

Jul 10   Gallery 560  Kelly Undress & Petticoat

Now what could possibly be better than seeing photos of a cute Gal?  Hmmm... How about seeing a cute Gal undress and get "Nekked" (Southern term for being without clothes and up to sumthin').  Well, Kelly sure fits that description !!!  Let's enjoy her as she takes off her jeans and top and "more" and then have more enjoyment as she dances around in her petticoat, panties and bra.  Oh...Hope you enjoy her taking her bra off as much as we do.  Ahhhhh... such a tough job.  Wanna help?  Three of our members have travelled to our studio and helped with our photo ops. 

Jul 3  Gallery 559  Iris is Sexy in Pink Lace

Hey... Look here.  There was such a positive response to Iris as our July Slipmate that we thought everyone would enjoy a follow up Gallery with some of the outtakes from Iris and her Pink Lace Trimmed Full Slip.  We are of the opinion that she looks terrific...  What do you think? 

Jul 1   Iris July Slipmate of the Month

Iris has graced our Spolightlight and now we are excited about her appearance as the July Slipmate of the Month.  They say that dynamite comes in small packages.  Iris is living proof of the truth of that statement.  We think she's pretty sexy and looks great in and out of her Pink Lace Trimmed Full Slip.  Lets look forward to more Close Encounters of a Sensual Nature with this awesome Gal. 

Jun 26  Gallery 558   Alexia in Full Briefs for Greg, Dan & Others  vol-3

Wow !!! This series has sure been popular.  We've had multiple requests for Alexia to wear Nylon Full Briefs.  Well, we think everyone will be pleased with this Fireworks 100 photo Gallery.  We think Alexia looks sexy and very alluring in and out of here Slips and Panties as she holds our attention in this fun update.  Thank you Greg, Dan and all the others who wrote in requesting Alexia to share her charms...

Jun 19  Gallery 557   Alexia in Full Briefs for Greg & Dan  vol-2

Alexia is delightfully sexy in this 55 photo, volume 2 Gallery.  We mentioned last week that there have been multiple request for Alexia to model her Full Nylon Briefs.  You'll notice that we added Dan to the list.  Sadly we cant add everyone's name because of the length of file names restrictions for our software, but be assured that there are many names that could be added.  So, sit back, relax and enjoy Alexia as only she can ... well, you'll see. 

Jun 12  Gallery 556  Alexia in Full Briefs for Gregory  vol-1

We've had a surprising number of requests for one of our most popular models to showcase Nylon Full Briefs in an update Gallery.  We think you'll enjoy this first of three Galleries featuring Alexia in and out of her Nylon Full Briefs as well as her Slips and Bras.  I love my job and Gregory... these next few Galleries are dedicated to YOU... and, well... us too.  We think Alexia is pretty sexy too.

Jun 5  Gallery 555  Kaitlin Classic Lace

Take a look at Kaitlin in this New larger size photo Gallery.  Kaitlin is stunning as she teases us with glimpses of the classic lace on her full slip... and then we delight in seeing all of her slip as she takes off her dress... and then.... Hmmmmm, well, you'll just have to see for yourself !!! 

Jun 1  Alexia  Slipmate of the Month June 2015

June is a wonderful time of the year.  Everything is beautiful and fresh.  We welcome Alexia back to the Gallery as our June Slipmate.  She certainly is beautiful and fresh... but we also think she's pretty sexy as she let's spend time with her while she wears and comes out of her White Scalloped Lace Vanity Fair Full Slip.  We want to spend more time in this provocative Gallery.  Enjoy !!!

May 29 Gallery 554   Alexia Petticoat Pleasure for Ed  vol-2

Wow!  What a nice response from our Members.  Alexia is very popular and we certainly understand why.  She is sexy and totally adorable.  Hats off to Ed for encouraging this visual delight and to our Members for letting us know how much you enjoy Alexia...

May 22  Gallery 553  Alexia Petticoat Pleasure for Ed vol-1

Alexia is provocative and intriguing as she treats us to peeks under her skirt at her petticoat and more... Thanks Ed (from Colorado) for the Inspiration...

May 15 Gallery 552  Scarlet Vintage Blue

Wow! Scarlet is hot in her Vintage Blue Lace Trimmed Full Slip.  This extra photo Gallery certainly leaves us wanting MORE !!!  Sooooo, stick around and see what's up next.

May 8  Gallery 551  Campbell Curves & Petticoats

Campbell treats us to a sexy reminder of her June of last year Slipmate Gallery.  Let's just say that Campbell is stunning and an unbelievable tease as she undresses out of her ... Hmmm, you'll just have to see for yourself.

May 1  Gallery 550  Campbell Vanity Fair Outtakes & Nude

CAUTION ... !!!     WARNING ... !!!

Members with any medical condition that if exposed to Smoking Hot Photos of Campbell are warned that  viewing this SIZZLING Gallery must be done at your own Risk.  PROCEED WITH CAUTION !!! 

May 1  Mercedes Slipmate of the Month May 2015

Please welcome Mercedes to Slips & Curves.  We think she's pretty special and her Slipmate Gallery is a visual treat.  This month's Slipmate is dedicated to Ed (from Colorado) as Mercedes  shares glimpses of her crisp, white petticoat with Ed and each of us.  So, sit back, and click away as Mercedes captures our attention in her sexy and very provocative Slipmate debut.

Apr 24  Gallery 549  Campbell Wrap Around Delight

Now what can be better than to have a pretty Gal in a barn and her wearing a wrap around skirt?  Especially if she is also wearing an eye catching lace trimmed half slip and.... well, you'll just have to see for yourself what else she's wearing.  We can promise you that it is well worth the look.

Apr 17   Gallery 548  Scarlet Mall Mania vol-2

They say that all good things come to an end... Sadly, Scarlet has finished her shopping is resting for a few moments before heading home.  This has certainly been an eye catching series of Galleries. Scarlet is totally adorable and quite sexy too.  By the way,  have you ever seen a cute Gal take off her slip while in the Mall?  Take a close look... You just might see something interesting.

Apr 10  Gallery 547  Collette Beautiful & Sexy vol-3
Collette is definitely Beautiful & Sexy in this 3rd Gallery featuring her in and out of her White Vanity Fair Half Slip and Mesh Top.  She sure causes our pulse to quicken and blood pressure to rise as she shares her charms in this memorable photo essay...

Apr 3  Gallery 546  Scarlet Dressing Room Delight vol-2
Scarlet continues her shopping and keeps our attention as she tries on different dresses.  We sure like her Mocha Lace Trimmed Full Slip...  Perhaps we could convince her to try on more ......  You'll just have to check back.

Apr 1 Collette Slipmate of the Month April 2015

What better way to celebrate our 8th Anniversary Slipmate than to spend time with Collette. She is spectacular in this remarkably sexy photo essay where she enchants us with her white Vanity Fair Half sSip and Bra... Oh, and wait to you see her Garter and Stockings. What a visual feast. Collette is beautiful, sexy and leaves us wanting more. Speaking of which, watch for follow up Galleries...

Mar 28   Gallery 545  Collette Full Nylon Briefs vol-2

Collette charms her way into our hearts in this second of two, extra photos Gallery where she changes into and out of several Full Nylon Briefs.  By the way, we "kinda" enjoy her wearing her White Scalloped Lace Vanity Fair Full Slip too.  Ahhhh... Life is good !!!

Mar 21   Gallery 544  Collette Full Nylon Briefs vol-1

We've had multiple requests for our Gals to model full nylon briefs over the past few months.  Well guess what?  Collette is a sizzling fulfillment to our member's desire and she is sharing her personal wardrobe of Full Nylon Briefs with us in this eye catching extra photo Gallery.  

March 14  Gallery 543  Scarlet Dressing Room Delight vol-1

Scarlet continues her Mall Mania by delighting us with a firsthand look behind the scenes in the Dressing Room as she tries on new bras and dresses.  Hmmmm... See if you spot any purchases she made in one or more Galleries featuring this sexy girl-next-door.  We will sure be looking!

March 6  Gallery 542 Collette Beautiful & Sexy vol-2

Collette continue to hold us spellbound as we review this Photo Op celebration of a truly unique, charming and very sexy Gal.  She looks amazing in her patriotic White, Scalloped Lace Trimmed Halfslip, her Red Lacy Bra and her Blue Knit Cape.  We find ourselves wanting more.

March 1  Scarlet is the Slipmate of the Month for March 2015

After months of bone chilling cold temps and mountains of snow, Spring is a welcome time of year... and so is Scarlet, our March Slipmate of the month.  What could be more eye catching than Scarlet as she combines the provocative beauty of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite with the intriguing sexiness of the Girl Next Door.  Hey, did we tell you that we are thinking about moving to her neck of the woods ... perhaps next door ??? 

February 27  Gallery 541  Scarlet Mall Mania vol-1
Take a look at what happens when a sexy Gal, who happens to be wearing a lacey slip goes to the Mall and someone else has a camera.  Scarlet is gorgeous and a definite show stopper as she displays ample portions of her lace trimmed slip.  sure hope no one is looking...  Stay tuned, there's more.

February 21   Gallery 540  Collette is Beautiful and Sexy vol-1

It's been said that  "a Picture is worth 1,000 words."  If that's true, then this Gallery showcasing Collette must be worth a Gazillion Zillion words...  Collette's beauty escapes written description.  Wait until you se her in this first of several photo ops.  Take a deep breath because you are in for a breathtaking visual treat...  Enjoy...   We certainly did !!!

February 14  Gallery 539  Campbell is Spectacular

Campbell is the perfect Valentine's gift in this delightful visual gift.  You might say this Gallery presents one of favorite Gals wearing one of our most requested fullslips.  She is stunning in (and out of... ) her white, scalloped lace trimmed, fullslip.  What a wonderful Gallery.

February 7  Gallery 538 Amber Petticoat Pleasure

Amber is delightful in this sexy Gallery where she changes her bra and keeps our attention with her white frilly petticoat.   Ahhh... this is such a great job !!!

February 1   Kelly February Slipmate of the Month

Since February is the Month where Love is in the Air, we can certainly say that Kelly is a breath of fresh Air and we think we are in Love.  She can be our Valentine any day of the year.  She's a sexy and captivating Slipmate of the Month with her Sparkling Blue Mesh Top and Lace Trimmed Halfslip. 

January 31    Gallery 537  Collette Fullslip Medley vol-3
All good things come to an end, so to speak.  Collette is absolutely stunning in her final Fullslip Medley Gallery.  It leave us wanting more...

January 24    Gallery 536  Collette Fullslip Medley vol-2
Collette continues to dazzle us and hold our attention as she continues
to reveal more of her repertoire of eye catching, lace trimmed fullslips.
January 17  Gallery 535 Collette Fullslip Medley Garden Vol. 1
Someone once said that "You can never get enough of a good thing".  
Well, Collette is sexy and provocatively enchanting in this first of three
Galleries.  Follow her every move as she selects from an assortment of
colorful fullslips and teases us as she first puts each one on, models it
and then slowly takes her slip off.  By the way, there's some nice slips
on a real cute Gal in the next couple of Galleries.  Enjoy !!!.
January 10   Gallery 534  Amber Lime Playtime
Amber is a visual  treat as she cavorts around in and out of
her Lacey Lime Full slip.  We think she's very sexy and very pretty.

January 3  Gallery 533 Brielle Anne Playful Half slip Fun
Brielle Anne is a sexy, playful tease as she reveals her Lace Trimmed
Half Slip... and more.  Or, is it less???  You decide.  ENJOY !!!

January 1, 2015   Brielle Anne Slipmate of the Month January 2015
There's  something very sexy about a pretty girl, lots of different slips and a barn... 
We think you'll enjoy this visual treat as we kick off the New Year with Brielle Anne cavorting around the Barn in several slips.  Which slip do you like best?
December 31   Gallery 532  Slipmate Review 2014
Here's visual  treat as a final update for 2014.  A review of the
beautiful and sexy Slipmates for the past 12 months.  Enjoy
this look back at the provocative Gals who've graced our Gallery
with their beauty and sexy charm. We can't wait to see what
the New Year has in store.  Thanks for being one of our Members.
December 25 Gallery 531 Drea  Christmas Present
Drea is very sexy in this petticoat and Santa's helper Gallery. 
We just love this time of year.  Don't you just love the way
Christmas presents are wrapped?  Merry Christmas...
December 24 Gallery 530 Kaitlin Frolic in the Garden Vol. 2
Kaitlin is also stunning in the sexy follow-up pictorial.  Let's revisit her frolicking in the
Sculpture Garden in her lace trimmed half slip.  Merry Christmas Everyone...

December 20   Gallery 529  Colleen Fire Chemise
Colleen mesmerizes us in this provocative Gallery.  We had a lot of
 fun shooting this photo op because we not only had a beautiful
Gal, but we used lighting to emphasize Colleen's sexy charm.

December 13 Gallery 528 Kaitlin Frolic in the Garden Vol. 1
Kaitlin is stunning in the sexy pictorial.  Let's enjoy her frolicking in the
Sculpture Garden in her lace trimmed half slip.  Oh... I almost forgot:
look for more of Kaitlin in a follow up Gallery.
December 6 Gallery 527 Claire Slip and Shift
Here we see Claire starts by sitting down in here green linen shift dress
and then she slowly and sexily shimmies down to her half slip. We sure
do like how playful she is in front of the camera!
December 1  Betty Slipmate of the Month December 2014
Betty is a sexy visual treat and is wrapped up for Christmas in her red Bra and Garter,
and topped with her super sexy petticoat. How would you like to find her as one of
your presents this Holiday?  We certainly would.
November 29   Gallery 526  Brooke Cute in Coral
Brooke stands behind a sea of colorful petticoats in this sweet pictorial.  She's finished
trying them on and decides to slip out of her Coral color Full Slip.  She sure is sexy and we
just can't get enough of her...
November 22   Gallery 525  Krista in a Crystal Petticoat
Our September Slipmate dazzles us once again in a sharp looking
white blouse and waist cinching full baby blue skirt.  Her outfit is nice,
but what we like even more is the almost iridescent white sheer
petticoat underneath (thank you Ed from Colorado). What do you think?
November 15 Gallery 524 Campbell Slip-apalooza Vol. 2
Campbell comes back in the second of three volumes of Slip-apalooza.
Here she tries on a shiny lavender half slip and models it so lovely. We
can't wait to see what the next one looks like!
November 8   Gallery 523  Katarina in Vintage Full Slip vol-1
We have a follow up with more delightful photos from photo op that was
made possible by Ed, who sent us Katarina's full slip.  Doesn't she just look lovely.
November 1   Collette Slipmate of the Month (Farm) November 2014
This Gallery sure makes everyone mwish they could have tagged along during the photo
shoot.  Collette is stunning in this sexy Slipmate Gallery.  We don't normally put Slipmates
back-to-back, but this Gallery was to hot to wait and post later.  Wow!  Hot!  Sexy!  What
more can we say?  Take a look for yourself...
October 31   Gallery 522   Collette Visiting the Farm  
Collette is super sexy this delightful visual treat.  We think she looks great in her Vanity Fair Half slip.  Don't you agree?
October 25 Gallery 521 Katarina in Vintage Full Slip                                Katarina wows us again with her dark delicate features while she slips down her dress to reveal a different vintage full slip. This Gallery is dedicated to Ed (California).  He sent Katrina's vintage slip and requested this PhotoOp.  Thank you Ed, this pictorial is sure to delight every member. 
October 18 Gallery 520 Collette in Repose
Collette reflects on how beautiful satin slips are as she relaxes on a sofa in the gallery. She was also gracious enough to let us take a peak at the white vanity fair full-slip she had on. 

October 11 Gallery 519 Campbell Slip-apalooza Vol. 1
Campbell and her girl next door appeal are at again in this photo series. Her blonde hair and sun-kissed skin are radiant against the sheen of the multiple pastel satin half-slips she is about to model. You'll just have to check back to see each one!

Oct 4    Gallery 518 Victoria in Baby Blue 
Victoria slips out of her white vanity fair full slip and into a chocolate satin full slip. The satin falls and hits her curves in a very sexy way. It couldn't get better until....... She puts on a baby blue snug shift dress. We just love how playful and sexy she can be! 
October 1   Collette Slipmate of the Month  (Beach) October 2014 
Summer has drawn to a close and Fall is in the air.  Collette has decided that she (and we) need one more trip to the Beach.  It was Hot... and so is she as she treats us to this Special Pictorial of Petticoat on the Beach for our October Slipmate.         I just love my job....

September 27   Gallery 517 Katarina in Floral Dress
Katarina is back in the 517th gallery and she reveals a little bit more than before. We love how the white front clasp bra hugs her curves and of course her smile! Check back for the last installment of this pictorial soon!
September 20 Gallery 516 Regy Petticoat Beauty                                                         Regy spins and twirls in a sheer white petticoat with a matching bra. We love how coy her smile is as she peaks over her shoulder to the camera.
September 13 Gallery 515 Katarina in a Floral Dress Vol. 1
Katarina is new to the gallery and is just so cute and has a beautiful body and smile. She slips out and then back into..........A half slip of course! We have many more in this tantilizing volume featuring the gorgeous Katarina!

September 6 Gallery 514 Shelby in the Sculpture Garden
We managed to sneak Shelby into the sculpture garden, but we had to be quick and discreet. It was pretty busy that day! And while we're sure they would have loved to see Shelby in her brightly colored bra and lacy half-slips. This gallery is just for you!

September 1    Krista Slipmate of the Month September 2014
Krista delights us in her first Slips & Curves appearance as our newest Slipmate of the Month.  Krista sure makes her Lace Trimmed Half Slip and Bra look mighty appealing as she slips out of her vintage dress.  We think Krista is a very sexy Gal.  Don't you agree?

August 30 Gallery 512 Campbell Sugar Skulls and Half Slips
Campbell donned a Mexican Day of the Dead inspired dress in bold colors for this gallery. Her outfit is contrasted nicely with the white lace and satin underneath. You won't want  to skip to the end of this pictorial! 
August 22 Gallery 512 Collette in Candy Colors Vol. 2
Collette teases us further in this continuing gallery. Her bright yellow full skirt is contrasted nicely by the vintage blush full slip with lace and pleats.  Enjoy!
August 15 Gallery 511 Natalia Pinup Curves Vol. 2
We're picking up where we left off with Natalia a couple weeks ago. In this pictorial we see a little more of  the vanity fair white full slip and a little more of Natalia. Enjoy!
August 8 Gallery 510 Betty in Baby Blue
We came across this gallery of images and just had to share again. If this pictorial looks familiar it's because this is the same Betty from Gallery 105! This pictorial has a ton of bonus images never before used and we just couldn't help ourselves when we saw Betty teasing with the hem of her laced slip in thigh highs. Enjoy! 
August 1 Gallery 509 Natalia Pin-up Curves
 The galleries are graced by the lovely Natalia this week and we love her crimson hair and sweet smile. She is coy and flirty at the perfect time.....when she's teasing with her petticoat hem. 

Aug 1  Shelby August Slipmate of the Month
Shelby is a delightful new addition to our Slips & Curves family.  She is highly intelligent and loves to work in front of the camera... and is very musically talented.  In fact, we think she is just about perfect, not to mention the fact that she sure makes her pink lace trimmed full slip look absolutely perfect too.

July 25 Gallery 508 Cherie and Collette Gingham Twins Vol. 2
Cherie and Collette are back, but this time in a little less clothing than the previous gallery. Watch how they give each other a helping hand and look cute doing it,
July 18 Gallery 507 Cherie and Collette Gingham Twins
In this first installment of Gingham Twins, Cherie and Collette wear (almost) matching gingham dresses and carefully help each other disrobe. You won't want to miss the sensual bras and lacy half slips these girls are wearing underneath.
July 11 Gallery 506 Heather and Floral Cut-Outs 
One of our Heathers dons a very mod very mini sheath dress. That's not the best part though....This dress has floral cutouts throughout the whole dress so don't miss the bright blue satin full slip she has on  and boy, you certainly wouldn't want to miss that!

July 4th Gallery 505 Ginger White Half Slip
 Its the fourth of July and Ginger delights us with her saucy lace red bra and white half slip. Her smile is both playful and sexy. We just love how gracefully and poised she is while doing something so sultry.

Jul 1  Katarina July Slipmate of the Month
We just love Red, White and Blue during July and Katarina is the perfect way to celebrate fireworks.  She sure sparkles in her Red, White and Blue ... well you take a look for yourself.  We will tell you this though... Her Bra, Panties and Lace Trimmed Fullslip will certainly get everyone's red blood pumping.  She's hot and she's very sexy.  Enjoy !!! 

Jun 27   Gallery 504   Colleen Sultry in Yellow  
Colleen is sexy and sultry while she charms us as she goes in and out her sunflower yellow dress.  Did I mention that she's also in and out of her lace trimmed slip?
Jun 20  Gallery 503 Gwen is Sultry and Innocent Vol.2
Here Gwen is again, but less clothed than in gallery 501! She's removed the red satin blouse and is ready to move onto her white lace half slip. Who knows whats in store for us and under that half slip! 
Jun 13   Gallery 502  Kaitlin Outtakes from Video for Ed
Who says that Friday the 13th, with a full moon is an unlucky day?  Well, whoever it is obviously hasn't seen the Custom Video Kaitlin shot for Ed.  Now that I think of it... you havent seen it either.  You might be curious to know that Ed really enjoyed seeing Kaitlin dress and undress and wearing just the right bra, slip and panties, as well as her skirt and sweater.... So, here's an intriguing Gallery featuring Kaitlin in and out of her white, lace trimmed, very sexy half slip.  We think today's a very lucky day indeed! 
June 6  Gallery 501 Gwen is Sultry and Innocent Vol. 1
In this pictorial, sweet and spunky Gwen treats us wearing polar opposites. On top, a black lace bra hugs Gwen's curves as a red satin blouse drapes over them. Peak a little lower  and see a modest white half slip trimmed in lace. I'd say she wears them rather well.......don't you think?
Jun 1  Campbell  Slipmate of the Month June 2014
Wow!  Campbell is stunningly sexy as she plays with the hem of her skirt and shares ample amounts of white crinoline mesh underneath.  Hmmm, we really like seeing her open her blouse and reveal her lacy white bra.  It gets better... next her blouse comes of and then the bra and then the skirt... whew!  I'm speechless because there's more.  See for yourself..

May 30 Gallery 500 Collette Loves White Lace
In honor of Slips and Curves 500th photo Gallery, Collette shares a special pictorial with us. Here you'll find her in a curve flattering navy dress, but underneath is what we're interested in. She shows just how much she likes white lace on.........and off....
May 23    Gallery 499  Claire White Half  Slip Fun
Claire visits the Gallery again in this very provocative photo essay of her wearing  a very sexy and  revealing half slip and... well now, you don't want us to spoil her surprise do you?  Take a look...
May 16  Gallery 498  Betty, Cherie & Lola at the Hotel  vol-3
They say that all good things come to an end  That's sadly true with this final Gallery showcasing our three Gals as they wind down their business trip.  It sure looks like they're having a flirty, playful time as they change outfits.  Do you like pantyhose, stockings & garters, bras, half slips and full slips?  Well then this Gallery is sure to please.
May 9   Gallery 497  Betty, Cherie & Lola at the Hotel  vol-2
Here's a closer look at three of our favorite Gals as they arrive at the Hotel, get to their room and "play" around changing out of their travel attire and into ... well you'll just have to look for yourself.  Their "changing out of" has wonderful implications.  I just love my job.
May 2    Gallery 496  Betty, Cherie & Lola at the Hotel vol-1
Now Here's a Gallery that's sure to capture your imagination.  Take a look at what happens when three seductive Gals go on a business trip.  You know... they have to get their luggage out of the car and get to their room.  Oh, and of course they have to change from the travel clothes into proper cocktail hour attire.  Magic happens when they go back to their room as they undress... Hmmmm, I'd better not spoil the surprise.  Do they have your attention?  I sure hope so.  In any case, be sure to look for more Galleries soon.

May 1  Betty Slipmate of the Month May 2014
Betty is a sexy visual treat in this month's Slipmate Gallery.  Don't you just love watching a cute Gal as she slowly removes her Khaki skirt and white button up blouse.  There's more to see too... such as her front clasp Sweet Nothings and her Scalloped Lace trimmed Vanity Fair Half slip.  Hmmmmm... do you think there's more?  Take a look.  As we said, Betty is a sexy visual treat!       ... I just love my job !!!

Apr 24   Gallery 495 Cherie in the Dressing Room by Betty
This most provocative Gallery is the Final of three Galleries featuring Cherie and Betty at the Mall.  They love to shop and it shows... err, change that to their lace trimmed slips show.  We kinda like it and in this Gallery Cherie treats us to a behind the closed door peek as she changes into ... Hmmm, you'll have to see for yourself, as we say.  Enjoy !

Apr 18    Gallery 494  Collette in Satin
Ahhhhh.... Magic happens when you ask a really, really sexy Gal to pose in front a camera.  Collette is simply delightful in this revealing Gallery.  Oh... by the way we think you'll enjoy her lace trimmed satin half slip and more (or is it less?)  Take a look for yourself and let us know what you decide.

Apr 11  Gallery 493  Collette in Candy Colors Vol. 1
Collette is back and this time she tries her hand at being both in front and behind the camera. She dazzles us with her coy smile and looks divine in her sheer coral blouse and bright yellow full skirt. We can tell there are more photos to come. She can't possibly stop at the reveal of a blush vintage full slip. Tune in later for another beautiful update.

Apr 4    Gallery 492 Kehli Stripped Summer Dress vol 2
This fantastic Gallery showcases Kehli in her sexy summer dress and her... well, you'll just have to see for yourself.  Enjoy!
Apr 1   Kaitlin Slipmate of the Month April 2014  7th Anniversary
Up North, there is lot of snow showing... all over the place!.  But, if is on the groundWell, here in the Sculpture Garden, there's snow too.  Fortunately, it is peeking out from under the hem of a skirt being worn by a really cute Gal.  Kaitlin is sexy and very intriguing as she provides a visual treat with lots glimpses at her lacy half slip and more.... (or is it less?) as she tries to avoid all sorts of onlookers who are interested in the "Art" in Garden.   Hmmm, come to think of it... I was too.  How about you.  Take a closer look and see what you think.  Kaitlin is a fantastic 7th Anniversary April Slipmate of the Month.
Mar 28    Gallery 491  Kehli Stripped Summer Dress vol 1
Kehli smiles at the camera while she sits down to tease us with the hem of her white lace trimmed half slip.  This Gallery becomes more provocative when you find out what else is beneath her dress and imagine what is to be revealed in the very near future.

Mar 21  Gallery 490   Betty in the Dressing Room by Cherie  
Some interesting things happen when two Gals go shopping.... and have an iPhone.  Cherie caught Betty in the Dressing Room while they were at the mall.  Wait until you see the results!   The iPhone camera may not be as good as a Digital SLR, but we bet you'll agree that Betty is captivating, sexy, provocative and absolutely fantastic as she is" in and out" of bras, slips and other "pretty things".  Enjoy !

Mar 14    Gallery 489  Paris Colorful Periwinkle Petticoat
Paris is flirtatious and very sexy while playing around in her lovely periwinkle petticoat.  You just might want to give her a wink as she..... well, you'll just have to look for yourself.
Mar 7    Gallery 488  Allison Sultry in Slips
Allison gives us a sexy visual treat in this delightful follow up to her Slipmate of the Month Gallery.  Don't you agree?
Mar 1   Allison  Slipmate of the Month March 2014
Allison is sexy in her shimmering fuchsia fullslip.  With a little coaxing, she might just slip out of her slip.  Take a look and see for yourself if she does.
Feb 28  Gallery 487   Betty and Cherie at the Mall vol-1  
We had a fantastic response to our recent Photo Op at the Mall.  So we thought we would send Betty and Cherie out to have some more Girl's Day Out fun.  Take a look and see what you think.  We like lace in public places...
Feb 21    Gallery 486  Peyton Sweet Blush Full Slip
Peyton and her lovely smile caress soft lace and silk when she moves around in this blush colored full slip.  She has many options, as you can see, but we love how this one hugs her curves.
Feb 14 Gallery 485 Joe's Angels in Matching Petticoats Vol. 2
Joe's Angel's are back in a second installment wearing matching white petticoats. What a Valentine's Day surprise! 
Feb 7    Gallery 484 Kaitlin Sexy Monochrome Dress  vol-2
Kaitlin dazzles us again with a second Gallery where she dresses in a classic black and white dress.  Enjoy her sweet and enchanting smile again as she slips out of her white lace trimmed half slip

Feb 1   Brielle Ann  Slipmate of the Month February 2014
Brielle Ann is a delightful and Sexy Valentine Slipmate.  Watch her toss her hair back and forth, while teasing us as she sits topless in her lacy white half slip. Oh my... we want more... 

Jan 31  Gallery 483   Collette and Cherie at the Mall  
At Slips & Curves we use Photo Art to make the culture of Lace trimmed Nylon and Satin visible...  In that spirit, Frank Rusha, an early pioneer in our photo art genre, photographed women in public places (such as a shopping malls) who revealed inadvertent or in some cases intentional glimpses of their lace trimmed slips.  Now..... having said that, enjoy Collette and Cherie as they visit the Mall.  You just might catch a glimpse of some lace.  They are so incredibly sexy.  Oh, they visit the Dressing Room too.  

Jan 24   Gallery 482  Betty Fall Inspired Skirt with White Slip V.2
We cannot get enough of Betty and her demure attitude.  She is so innocently sexy in her conservative skirt that finally reveals a silky white slip underneath.  Just wait and see her hidden secret.

Jan 17    Gallery 481 Kaitlin Sexy Monochrome Dress  vol-1
Kaitlin dazzles us again when she dresses in a classic black and white dress.  Her sweet smile is enchanting as she slips in and out of her white lace trimmed half slip.

Jan 10    Gallery 480  Cherie & Collette Matching Lace Garters
Our favorite Slipmates don a red and nude matching garter set and tease in front of the camera.  Man, do we love these girls !!!
Jan 9 Gallery 479 Slipmate Features September - December 2013  
This visual treat is the final Gallery for our review of the 2013 Slipmates.  My goodness, taking a moment... or two or three, to reflect on the amazing Gals that passed in front of our camera during this past year is goooooood, and we do mean GOOD!

Jan 7   Gallery 478 Slipmate Features May - August 2013
Here's more Slipmates from May to August.  Wow! What a delight!

Jan 6   Gallery 477  Slipmate Features January - April 2013
Continuing our Review of our sexy Slipmates for 2013, here's a chance to remember the beautiful Gals who graced our Galleries from January through April.

Jan 4  Gallery 476 Slipmate Year in Review 2013
2013 was a tough year for the economy, but for Members of Slips & Curves it was a banner year.  Enjoy this nostalgic Gallery look back at 12 beautiful and sexy Slipmates for this past year.

Jan 3 Gallery 475 Betty Fall Inspired Skirt with White Slip
Betty is back and this time she wearing a white button down and a shiny satin half slip. Both white pieces contrast nicely with the gold and brown tones of her full skirt. As winter is in full swing, it's nice to see some warm colors.  

Jan 1  Irina January 2014 Slipmate of the Month  
Now, this is the way to start of the New Year.  Irina mesmerizes us with her sexy charm.  hey, come to think about it, if I remember correctly, Irina was our first Slipmate last year too.  We think you'll enjoy this Gallery as she Irina slips out of her pleated skirt and shares delightful views of her cute little half slip.... and more.
December 27    Gallery 474 Victoria Vanity Fair Playtime vol-2
Victoria closes out 2013 with her second Gallery where she charms us with her playfulness in her Vanity Fair White Scalloped Lace Trimmed Full Slip.  It's a great way end the year and leaves us looking forward to the New Year.  Stay tuned...

December 20   Gallery 473  Alexia Red Lace Baby Doll
Alexia is a delightful  Christmas present.  She is wrapped in her Red Lace Baby Doll is we can't wait to remove the wrapping.... well, you'll just have to see for yourself. 

December 13   Gallery 472   Noel out of Pinstripes  
Ahhhhh, what a delightful time of year for Noel to grace our Gallery as she unwraps out her pinstripe dress and gifts us with her hidden secrets... and more.
December 6    Gallery 471 Alexia Variegated Half Slip
Alexia charms us with an early present this Holiday Season as she "unwraps" out of her vintage variegated half slip.
December 1   Slipmate of the Month - Victoria
We are very exited because  Santa has brought us a spectactular Yuletide gift.  Victoria, one of our sexy and alluring models, is gifting us a delightful visual treat as she changes out of her Vanity Fair Scalloped Lace Full Slip (which just happens to be our most requested slip) into her warm and inviting Chocolate Full Slip...  and a little more too.  Oh my!  We just love the Holiday season and  receiving gifts from a pretty Gal...

November 29   Gallery 470   Victoria Vanity Fair Playtime vol 1  
Victoria is playful as she slips out of her frequently requested Vanity Fair, white, scalloped lace trimmed full slip and into ... well, you'll just have log in and see for yourself.  This Gallery is so eye catching, we just had to add a few extra reasons to enjoy your membership.

November 22 Gallery 469 Cherie Petticoat Circus
Cherie teases in this Gallery with multiple layers of colorful petticoats the size of a tent.  She playfully tosses them as she dances around and shows us all of the petticoat's colors and volume. 

November 15   Gallery 468 Denise Warehouse Beauty Vol. 2
We catch up with Denise back at the warehouse and where we left off. Her ivory curves reflect the suns light and allow for an enticing gallery.

November 8  Gallery 467 Alexia's Changing Room
We've Seen Alexia in this pretty blue dress before, but now we can watch as she undresses and puts on a silky red slip underneath her dress. 
November 1   Alyssa  November Slipmate of the Month
Alyssa charms us as she frolics in the Sculpture Garden and teases us with lacy revelations of her petticoat layers.  By the way, she sure caused heads to turn as drivers and pedestrians had their attention riveted on her sexy antics.  when was the last time you saw a cute Gal wearing just petticoat?  Let us know what you think...

November 1  Gallery 466  Joe's Angels in Matching Petticoats Vol. 1

The Angels grace the pages and lens of the gallery once again, but this time all in matching undergarments. These Angels where similar vintage inspired outfits then coyly undress to reveal an hour-glass silhouette in white. Look out for volume 2!

October 25     Gallery 465   Denise Warehouse Beauty Vol. 1
Denise looks positively sultry in her mod inspired dress donned with multiple pearl necklaces. She strips  outside where anyone could see! We hope you enjoy our daredevil vixen.

October 18 Gallery 464 Tiffany Delicate in Pink  

Tiffany's small frame only allows for her pink half slip to lay sweetly on her hips. She undresses out of her casual office attire one button at a time and leave us wanting more when she finally holds up a sultry red full slip.

October 11 Gallery 463 Kaitlin Vintage Silhouette Vol 2
 Kaitlin completes her sexy tease by undressing out of her full petticoat and revealing a beautiful body and figure. We sure do enjoy Kaitlin in the Gallery

October 04 Gallery 462 Kaitlin Vintage Silhouette  
Kaitlin charms us once again her a very full white skirt with a colorful petticoat underneath. Her poise and smile make for a delightfully sexy pictorial and we certainly like how we get a glimpse of her bright panties while she plays with the hem of her petticoat.

October 1 Slipmate of the Month October Kehii
Kehli delights us  in this months Slipmate feature. Her crystal white petticoat was a gift from Ed, one of our long time members.  We think it looks great on Kehli and leave us wanting more.  We think you'll agree.
September 27 Gallery 461 Collette White Scalloped Slip Vol. 2
Collette reveals that she is dazzling in and out of her vintage full slip. You can tell that she is just having a lot of fun modeling this slip. Enjoy!

September 20 Gallery 460 Collette White Scalloped Slip Vol. 1
Collette brings two never before seen surprises to this week gallery pictorial. First, She is both directing and modeling in these galleries and using a remote to capture it all. Next, She is wearing a beautiful vintage form fitting full slip. The top and bottom have a large scalloped trim and the material is some sort of vinyl material that 'just slips right off the skin', according to Collette. We hope you enjoy!  

September 13 Gallery 459 Brooke Innocently Cheerful
Brooke dazzles us with her girl next door appeal and he casual summer outfit. She teases us by undressing in an conventional order and we can definitely anticipate a vol 2 after the last few picture she left us with.

September 6 Gallery 458 Cherie Precious Purple Petticoat Vol 2
Cherie is back and she is finishing up trying on all those nylon full brief panties underneath her purple petticoat. Her panties are delicate and floral, just like her form fitting dress. This Gallery is perfect in my book.

September 1 Slipmate of the Month - Kaitlin
Please give a warm welcome to Kaitlin our newest member to the gallery and Slips & Curves. In her first pictorial, she demonstrates her ease in front of the camera. We're lucky we found yet another beautiful sultry gal next door. Watch Kaitlin tease while stepping out of simple yet delicate bra and panties. Enjoy!

August 30 Gallery 457 Claire Pixie in a Poodle Skirt
Claire teases us again, but this time in an all pink ensemble. She dances and frolicks about and just shows us what is underneath that pink full poodle skirt. It certainly is breathtaking when you get a glimpse through her sheer petticoat. Can't get enough of Claire? There's more poodle skirt passion to come!

August 23 Gallery 456 Alexia Changing
We catch Alexia in this pictorial in a rare Slips & Curves moment...before she dresses again. We can see her nude while she steps into her full briefs and clasps her bra behind her back and then how the blush full slip caresses her skin. I think she is absolutely fabulous! 

August 16 Gallery 455 Collette Cheery in Yellow
This summer surely is brighten up by Collette and her bright yellow dress and floral half slip. See some sun hit her skin as she slips out of her clothes and into nothing.

August 9 Gallery 454 Bathing Betty Vol. 2
Betty picks up right where we left off. This pictorial starts as Betty is getting out of her sudsy bath tub. Watch her as she sensually dries off, curls her hair and slips into a form fitting slip.

August 2 Gallery 453 Dreaming of Heather
Heather is a vision fit for dreams in this pictorial. She dresses and undresses into two outfits for us. One white and one black. Are you naughty or nice?

August 01 Cherie Slipmate of the Month August
The sweltering summer heat has left Cherie overwhelmed. Luckily she is near some water...but UH OH...She's forgotten her bathing suit! A crafty Cherie improvises and takes a dip in her ivory vintage full slip. How delightful it must feel against her skin.

July 26 Gallery 451 Bathing Betty Vol. 1
We catch Betty in the middle of something we don't get to see very often...getting ready for the day! Betty gets squeaky clean in her silky bath and there are bubbles everywhere! I wonder what she decides to put on in Vol. 2?

July 19  Gallery 450  Haley Body Art  vol 1 
It's been quite a while since Haley has made an appearance in our Gallery.  So, we are very pleased that she is with us now.  This Gallery is very unique in that it shows the progression from nude to dressed using Body Paint.  This fascinating Art Form plays on the imagination.  Haley reports that she received quite a bit of attention while walking downtown while dressed in just her Body Paint.  We can only imagine...

July 12 Gallery 449 Violet Sock-Hop Sweetie Vol. 2
Violet does it again in the second installment of the sock hop series. Here she slowly undresses out of her full poodle skirt, bright petticoat and then some...  Watch how Violet takes us back and keeps us wanting more.

July 5 Gallery 448 Violet Sock Hop Sweetie
Violet is about to head out to a dance in her authentic poodle skirt and vintage cardigan. She teases innocently only to revel a little more skin. There is more for us when it comes to Violet! Stay tuned!

July 1 Slipmate of the Month-Alyssia, Katie & Beth
This months slipmate feature can be described as a little different then past galleries. Some familiar faces take a different look at the sensibilities of slips and lingerie. 

June 28 Gallery 447 Madison Simple by a Window
Madison radiates while she is seated by a window close by. Her white ensemble and sweet welcoming smile make for a sensual and soft gallery.

June 21 Heather Summer in a White Petticoat
Heather shines in her white petticoat and white bra. Her yellow cardigan against the blue background are perfect colors for summer .

June 14 Gallery 445 Claire Petticoat in the Sun
Claire frolics and teases in her saucy white petticoat outside.

June 7 Gallery 444 Cherie Office Attire
Cherie graces another pictorial in a sharp outfit fairly suited for the office. Her white half slip is the perfect bonus. 

June 1 Slipmate of the Month June - Claudia
Claudia has a whole wardrobe to look through for her outfits, yet she chooses a classic white vanity fair full slip. What happens next is certainly a surprise. She pick something else to wear....which is sexier?

May 31 Gallery 443 Alexia Make-Up Time from Armoire
Alexia powdered her nose and slipped into a silky white half. She certainly is lovely all dolled up.

May 31 Gallery 442 Drea Petticoat for Ed from Armoire
Drea teases, smiles and reveals in this sensuous pictorial from the Armoire.

May 31 Gallery 441 Collette USO Girl
Collette salutes our troops in the most charming way possible. Her skirt and thin cropped top are form fitting in all the right places. Underneath her green utilitarian skirt hides a lacey white half slip. You'll have to see for yourself!

May 24 Gallery 440 Cameron Sensual Slip
Cameron moves around in and out of her lace bra and long detailed half slip. She undresses with such ease and beauty.

May 20
Drea Dreams from Armoire
Drea's in my dreams as she poses in her white half slip next to the gallery artwork. How could she go wrong?

May 20 Gallery 438 Campbell in the dressing room from Armoire
Campbell is so cute as she undresses in this small gallery from the Armoire.

May 20 Gallery 437 Alyssia Vanity Fair Passion From Armoire.
Alyssia is tantalizing in her white vanity fair full slip. She teases by lifting the hem just high enough.

May 20 Gallery 436 Drea Celebrity PhotoOp From Armoire

Drea is beautiful in her sheer peignoir and white half slip. The lace must feel very nice against her smooth skin.

May 20 Gallery 435 Haley Heavenly Vision From Armoire
Haley is enchanting in this previous Armoire gallery. Her soft curls look lovely with her white full slip. 

May 20 Gallery 434 Haley Just For Fun From Armoire
Haley teases us as she slip out of her white outfit and white half-slip in this previous Armoire gallery.

May 17 Gallery 433 Alexia Denim Blues
Alexia is as happy as can be in her see thru white petticoat and  full denim skirt. You can see how much she enjoys stepping out of her outfit and into the spotlight.

May 10 Gallery 432 Natalie Kilt-astic! Part 2
She tantalizes us in the next installment of the kilt-astic gallery series. Natalie looks fantastic in and out of her saucy kilt and slip.

May 3 Gallery 431 Natalie Kilt-astic! Part 1
Natalie is gorgeous in a white sweat
er and white half slip underneath a fiery red kilt. The white is a perfect contrast on her beautiful dark skin. Stay tuned for part 2!

May 1 Slipmate of the Month-May Campbell
Campbell shines in this months Slipmate feature. Her lovely white dress with bright flowers makes her look even more sun-kissed. We cannot get enough of Campbell in a bright white petticoat too

April 26 Gallery 430 Noelle Sheer House Coat Vol. 2
Like the previous gallery, Noelle is beautiful, but this time in a white half slip. What a tease!

April 19 Gallery 429 Noelle Sheer House Coat Vol. 1
Noelle smiles at she undresses out of her sheer mint green house coat and half slip. She is radiant in the sunlight gracing her from the window. We cannot wait for what is in volume two.

April 12 Gallery 428 Ashland Pretty Pink Gown
Ashland dazzles in her bright pink gown. Her pantyhose offers a surprise and a change into her beautiful half slip. Enjoy!

April 5 Gallery 427 Shelby White Petticoat Slip
Shelby teases and plays in a pretty polka dot dress in front of the camera. We also get a peak of her cute petticoat slip


April 1 Slipmate of the Month Collette, Cherie & Betty
Here we have the slipmate feature gallery, or should I say Slipmates. Cherie, Collette and Betty are astonishingly beautiful and featured as "Joe's Angels" in our office. There's three of them, a brunette, a blonde and a redhead. They certainly make coming to work a whole lot more pleasant. Enjoy!

March 29 Gallery 426 Collette's Dressing Room Vol 2
In continuation of a previous gallery, Collette dresses (and undresses) into a lovely array of slips, bras and panties. There is certainly more where this came from. Stay tuned! 

March 22 Gallery 425 Ava is Pretty in Purple Vol. 2
Ava shimmies into sheer white panties and a white half slip in continuation of gallery 425. We only want more!

March 15 Gallery 424 Ava is Pretty in Purple Vol. 1
Ava is radiant in this first installment of more beautiful galleries

March 8 Gallery 423 Nikki Spring Slip
Nikki welcomes spring in with her colorful slip. Be sure to spring forward.

March 1  Gallery 422  Savannah Dressing
Savannah looks beautiful getting into her red full slip and white dress.

March 1   Betty  March Slipmate of the Month
Betty graces Slips and Curves once again as Slipmate for March. She looks lovely in her cream colored slip.

February 22   Gallery 421   Cherie's Chemise
Cherie dazzles us in a sultry red chemise while she gets ready for a night out. We know you'll enjoy this one.


February 22   Armoire 002 Collette's Snug Slip
Check out the Armoire for a new gallery featuring Collette in a new shimmering slip that's a little tighter than usual.

February 16   Gallery 420  Alexia Fantasy
Alexia is sexy and very provocative in this photo op from an earlier time.  She is certainly one of our all time favorite Gals.

February 16  Gallery 419  Reese Naturally Beautiful
Reese delights us in this "from the past pictoral.  Enjoy her teasing us with her lace trimmed half slip. 

February 15   Gallery 418  Collette is Cheerfully Colorful vol 2
See Collette get in and out of this lovely petticoat.

February 8  Gallery 417  Brooke Petticoat in the Park
Brooke teases us as she romps in the Park in her Petticoat.  Ahhhh, life is good.

February 1  Collette Slipmate of the Month 

Collette undresses as requested by the winner of the Slipmate challenge. It certainly pays to pay attention.

Gallery 416 Cherie Precious Purple Petticoat Vol. 1

Cherie delights us in a beautiful floral dress and purple petticoat. Stay tuned though as you can see from the last photograph, there is definitely more. 

January 31  Gallery 415  Reece Classic Beauty from the Past
The fun continues as more Armoire Galleries are moved to the Main Gallery.  Reece is stunning and her classic beauty gets our attention.  Click away...  There's more, so Stay tuned!

January 31
  Gallery 414  Haley Sexy View from the Past
Haley is intriguing uand is a special delight in the fromer Armoire Gallery.  We think you'll enjoy her every... well, you get the idea.

January 31  Gallery 413  Bridget A View from the Past.

As we continue transferring Galleries that had been posted in the Armoire to the Main Gallery, Bridget will hold our attention quite nicely.  Enjoy... 

January 31
Gallery 412  Karen Sexy Historical View
Karen is very sexy and leaves us wanting more... err, less in this provocative Gallery that was previously posted in the Armoire.

January 31   Gallery 410  Campbell Earlier Delight
Campbell delights us in this spectacular Gallery from the Armoire.  Keep an eye open for new features as we move things around to make room for the new...

January 31  Gallery 409  Allison Revisited
Enjoy Allison as we continue moving Galleries previously posted in the Armoire to the main Gallery. 

January 31  Gallery 408  Alexia Blast from the Past
Alexia is sexy in this Gallery that was initially posted in the Armoire.  Look for attention getting Photo Ops of our sexy Girl Next Door models in the near future and in the meantime, continue to enjoy the past...

January 27 Gallery 407 Cherie and Collette Birthday Surprise

Enjoy this weeks bonus gallery as it is a birthday surprise for the previous Slips & Curves WebMaster.  Cherie and I got together today to shoot this special gallery for someone who means so much to us. Again, Happy Birthday!

January 25 Gallery 406 Denise is Ravishing in Red

Denise's red hot appeal complements her heavenly white petticoat.

ATTENTION Slips and Curves Members!  Check out the Amoire for a special contest. There are five images of some of our lovely girls.  Whom ever identifies the most girls  correctly gets to design the Slipmate feature for February.  The winner will be able to pick the colors, theme and outfit (within reason) of the Gallery. Please email Slipsandcurves@hotmail.com with your answers. The contest ends a week from today (January 29).  I am very excited to see how this Slipmate turns out!


January 18 Gallery 405 Violet Unpacks her Petticoat

As a continuation of our previous gallery, Violet unpacks from her trip and looks lovely.

January 11 Gallery 404   Violet the Sexy Jetsetter

Violet is about take off in a lovely vintage red sheath with a smoldering chocolate slip peeking through.

January 4  Gallery 403  Collette is Cheerfully Colorful

In the middle of a  dreary winter, Collette surely brightens up Slips and Curves this week.
b Fe

January 1 Slipmate of the Month-January Kerstin

Kerstin graces Slips and Curves as January slipmate and ushers in a bright new year.

December 31  Gallery 402 Slipmate Review 2012

Just can't get enough of our dazzling Slipmates? Well here are our favorite photos of our favorite gals. Enjoy this bonus gallery and ring in a happy new year!

December 28 Gallery 401 Cherie puts in Overtime in the Office

Cherie was in the office one day and she found our camera. To our surprise a galleries worth of sexy photos were left for us. We thank Cherie for this wonderful surprise!

December 21  Gallery 400  Alexia Sexy Yuletide 400th

It's hard to believe that we are celebrating the Holiday Season and our 400th Gallery.  Time sure flies when you're having fun and that's a great way to describe working with Alexia on this special Gallery.  Alexia is definitely sexy and makes us want to volunteer to work with Santa just to see.... err, make that...  help Alexia in and out of her Elf Outfit.  Maybe even help her in and out of ..... well, you get the idea. 

All of us at Slips & Curves wish each of you a
                                    Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays!

December 14   Gallery 399  Campbell Simply Petticoat
Campbell delights us in this spectacular Gallery.  We think she's pretty sexy in her White Petticoat and my, oh my,  we are riveted to her every move.  Can you hear the rustling of her petticoat as she moves?

December 7    Gallery 398  Alexia in the Park

Alexia is one of our most requested Slipmates and she graces the Gallery in this intriguing and sexy extra large Gallery.  Be sure and help her watch out for traffic...   You'll see.

December 1    Slipmate of the Month- December - Violet
Welcome Violet to Slips and Curves. She is sure to warm up this holiday season!

November 30   Gallery 397  Kerstin Vintage Petti
What a sexy combination!  Kerstin shows off her Vintage Petti in this eye catching Gallery.We think it's sure to please.

November 23   Gallery 396  Kehli Just for Fun
Kehli is one of the special people who is sexy, intelligent and an absolute joy.  Katie captures all those qualities in Kehli and more in this charming Gallery.

November 16  Gallery 395  Shelby Is an Assistant in Lace

Can you imagine the surprise the Electrician had when he came to the Studio to repair our lighting during Shelby's PhotoOp?  Both were surprised to say the least and they were good sports.  The result is very interesting.

November 9  Gallery 394  Claire Books & Lace
Claire Visits the Studio and decides to take a reading break... much to our delight.
And we are confident... Yours too !

November 2
Gallery 393 Betty Fall Back
Betty sure recognizes the change in seasons with a beautiful green cardigan and matching plaid bra and panties.   

November 1 Nikki Slipmate of the Month-November
Nikki sure makes us fall in love with petticoats all over again.

October 26 Gall
ery 392 Cameron Sans Swimsuit
What happens when one of our girls go swimming and forget their bathing suit? They wear a slip of course! 

October 19  Gallery 391 Claire Playing with Polka-Dots
Claire is delightful in her polka-dot dress and white petticoat. She dazzles us with her coy smile and radiant red flower in her hair.

October 12 Gallery 390  Collette So Long Summer
With summer behind us all we have are memories of care-free days and sunny weather. No better way to remember than with Collette who soaks it all up in this charming pictorial.

October 5   Gallery 389 Cherie A Change in Weather
Fall is officially upon us and it's starting to get a little cooler. Cherie has the right idea and gets cozy in a warm sweater.

October 1 Betty October Slipmate of the Month
Betty is brand new to Slips and Curves. She is an intelligent young lady with a bright future ahead of her at University. In October's Slipmate, we welcome the new school year and enjoy Betty's eager smile.

September 28  Gallery 388 Campbell Babydoll in Blue
Campbell is delightful in her sheer baby blue babydoll. Her sweet smile and sultry curves leave us wanting more.

September 21  Gallery 387  Collette Red Hot Passion

Collette, the apple of our eye looks great in red.

September 14  Gallery 386  Alexia Beautiful in Blue
Alexia shines and smiles in her light blue slip and full briefs.

September 7 Gallery 385  Arielle Revealing
Arielle reveals just enough in two dazzling ensembles.  

September  1  Colleen September Slipmate of the Month
Colleen is mesmerizing as our September Slipmate.  We've had quite a few requests for Colleen to grace the Gallery again and she is sure to please everyone with her scalloped lace trimmed half slip.  Enjoy...

August 31  Gallery 384  Lola Lovely in the Kitchen
Lola cooks up something sexy in this weeks pictorial.

August 24   Gallery 383  Tammy Bright like a Summer Sky
Tammy leaves a smile on our faces while she undresses out of Summer's brightest colors.

August 17  Gallery 382  Collette Saucy Petticoat
Collette leaves us breathless as she teases us with her saucy petticoat.

August  10   Gallery 381  Cherie Slipmate in Color
Here we see Cherie in color from the Slipmate pictorial. We just can't get enough.


August 8  Gallery 380  Campbell Casual Friday
It's just another day at the office for Campbell, but for us there is a surprise. Campbell has a white half slip under her casual Friday attire and wants to show it off.

August 1  Slipmate of the Month - Cherie
Cherie dazzles us in Slips & Curves first Black & White Gallery.  Here we can see all of the things that make Cherie beautiful.  She is perfect as the the August Slipmate.

And as always, we appreciate your feedback.  So, please let us know what you think of the new idea,

July 27  Gallery379  Ruth Casual and Sweet
Ruth can be so very charming. In this pictorial she shows how soft and sweet she can really be.

July 20  Gallery 378  Cameron in Powder Room
Cameron delights us as she powders her nose in this charming pictorial. Her green petticoat fits wonderfully under her floral dress that is perfect for summer. Today just got brighter!

July 13  Gallery 377  Collette Perfect Peignoir

Collette enchants us in her sheer mint peignoir. That's not all though. She was very busy in this pictorial and as you can see, there is much more to come.

July 6   Gallery 376   Drea Nude Thigh Highs, Oh My! Vol. 2

Drea reveals a little more in this next installment gallery with her sultry smile and thigh highs.

July 4   Slipmate of the Month  Lola Loves America

Happy Birthday, America! Welcome Lola to Slips & Curves. July's Slipmate personifies classic Americana in this picnic pictorial. We look forward to seeing more from her soon

June 29  Gallery 375  Drea Nude Thigh Highs, Oh My! Vol. 1

Oh my indeed! Drea's thigh highs aren't all that is nude in this tantalizing pictorial. As if July wasn't sizzling enough, Drea is positively hot. Stay tuned for volume two. 

June 22  Gallery 374  Arielle in the Afternoon

Arielle likes to keep herself busy, but sometimes she needs to rest. In this gallery we see her looking gorgeous in a red floral dress and white petticoat. We love how easy she can slip out of her clothes to relax in the cool indoors. 

p.s. Feel free to email me at SlipsAndCurves@hotmail.com with any questions, suggestions or comments!


June 15  Gallery 373  Campbell Rainbow Fantasy

Campbell dazzles us with a fun and flirty array of petticoats. Seeing the colors cascade down as she plays with the ruffles is marvelous.

June 8  Gallery 372  Collette Summertime Glamour

The summer looks cool and soft on Collette. Her blue and white polka dot dress hugs and drapes over all her curves. She is all dolled up and looking lovely, just how we like her

June 1  Gallery 371  Claire Railroad Red

Sprinkling summer showers do not frighten Claire away! She will hop right on the fire red train caboose to continue posing for us. We love how her white petticoat lays delicately under a vintage polka dot dress and how her smile only leaves us wanting more.

June 2  Arielle June Slipmate of the Month

We welcome Arielle to Slips & Curves as our June Slipmate. When smoldering summer weather forces you inside, why not spend time with Arielle in her cool glamorous boudoir while she slips into something red hot. Her long golden hair and blue eyes are sure to lighten anyone's mood.  

May 25  Gallery 370  Cherie Garden Goddess

Cherie is blooming in her green floral dress and yellow shoes, we love the way her sun dappled skin is aglow as she lounges sumptuously on her purple chaise.

May 18   Gallery 369 Heather Lake Breeze Petti Beauty

Heather makes the most of a windy day in this lakeside pictorial. Her white petticoat seems to take flight in the warm breeze coming off the water. Giving us a perfect view of her nylon full briefs. Our blonde bombshell is glowing as she plays in the sunshine and flashes us her saucy smile.

May 11 Gallery 368 Cameron Fun in the Sun

Cameron is our Petti Pants Pixie in this sun drenched pictorial. We love the way she is showing off her girlish charms in a pink lacy bra and floral panties. The tropical backdrop is a lush setting for our garden nymph. We hope you enjoy this enchantingly sexy gallery. 

May 3  Gallery 367 Campbell White Mod Dress

Campbell is pure fun in her sassy mod dress and retro bra and panties.  Red lips and a stunning smile are just two of her "assets" on display in this exciting Gallery brought to us by our new Web Mistress Collette.

May 1   Collette May Slipmate of the Month

Collette in blue brings us something new.  This flirty poolside pictorial is splashed with sexy photos of our May Slipmate.  Her sheer dress hugs every curve as she emerges from the sparkling water.  May is a very special month because, not only is this the second Slipmate Feature of our stunning Collette, as I step into retirement, she has become the new Web Mistress for Slips & Curves.  I believe you will enjoy her fresh and sensual perspective, She's beautiful, creative, amazingly talented and is sure to heat things up! 

Apr 30  Gallery 366 Collette Sheer Blue Revelation

The past 5 1/2 years of serving as the photo artist for Slips & Curves has been a wonderful adventure.  So here we are 366 Galleries and 61 Slipmates of the Month later.  It is only appropriate that as I transition into the retirement phase of my life that my final Gallery feature my successor.  Our new Webmistress is Collette.She is stunningly beautiful and remarkably talented.  Please welcome her and support her efforts as you have me all these years.

I would like to express my gratitude to each of you who have shared in this fascinating experience.  I can say with certainty that Slips  & Curves is a collaboration between each of you as members, our artistic and administrative staff, and our wonderful models. 

It has been my pleasure to get to know so many of our members.  You helped inspire our photo art content and have been a tremendous source of encouragement.  It has been my privilege to take more than 300,000 photographs of so many exceptional women.  They are beautiful and gifted in every respect. 

With heart felt appreciation, I say thank you and that I'm looking forward to your continued support and encouragement for Collette as she takes control of Slips & Curves


April 24  Gallery 365  Cherie White Vintage Glamour

How Fun! Cherie slipped into a vintage Vanity Fair slip for an impromptu photo shoot in the office. We love being silly and you can certainly tell by this pictorial.NN

Apr 17  Gallery 364  Cameron Sheer Vixen

One of our favorite models is back by multiple requests in this cute Gallery.  Cameron is featured in a sexy sheer top and short lacy half slip. We certainly want to see more of our little blonde Vixen...

Apr 10  Gallery 363 Campbell Gingham Delight

Delightful indeed!  Her gingham dress makes us wish we could take Campbell on a picnic.  Her sexy over the shoulder smile is too enticing

Apr 3   Gallery 362 Alexia Burgundy Slip & Sculptures

It's always interesting to shoot in the Sculpture Garden.  There's a lot of traffic and it would be very easy to draw attention.  You'll notice that Alexis helps keep an eye out for unwanted glances... Oh, btw... Mooch there's something in this one for you! But, actually we think everyone will enjoy Alexia as she playfully romps in her slip.

Apr 1   Campbell April Slipmate of the Month

Campbell brings us into Spring with her beauty and Vanity Fair scalloped lace full slip.  What a great way to transition out of Winter and into the energy and life of Spring.  Campbell is a flirt as she dances around and lets.... well you'll see!  Enjoy

Mar 26  Gallery 361 Alexia Something Special

Alexia is sexy and captivating as she teases us with her vintage lace trimmed half slip.  She is stunning as she plays with the hem of her dress and lets us peek beneath...

Mar 19  Gallery 360   Cameron Flirty in The Garden for Ed

This is a Gallery that's sure to please more members than just Ed.  But, Ed loves the petticoat Galleries and has, along with quite a few others requested more...  Well, Cameron is absolutely adorable and pretty sexy as she flirts with us in this eye catching session in the Sculpture Garden.  We had a lot of cars pass by, so it got "interesting" at times.  You probably get the idea (smiling as I type) ...   Enjoy Cameron...

Mar 12  Gallery 359   Cherie Aqua & Black Lace Teddy

Cherie shines like a gem in her Aquamarine and Black Lace Teddy.  We've had so many requests for Teddy's that we finally went looking.  Cherie saved the day!  She found several and we now have them in our wardrobe.  Cherie's Stockings and Sultry smile sure do heat things up...  

Mar 5  Gallery 358  Cherie Bras & Stuff

Okay, we know it's supposed to be about Slips & Curves.  But, every now and then something happens that is just simply worth sharing.  Cherie brought in about 150 bras and they had to be sorted by size and style and then go into the wardrobe.  Sooooo, we get the benefit of her work.  As you can imagine, she had to try several on for fit and ... well, you get the idea.  We are very appreciative of her hard work and suspect you will be too... 

Mar 1  Collette March Slipmate of the Month

We welcome Collette to our Gallery as the March Slipmate.  We think she's adorable and pretty sexy in (...and out) of her polka dot full skirt and petticoat.  What a great way  to warm things up for Spring.  Collette captures our hearts and certainly our attention...  We hope we see more of her real soon.  Enjoy! 

Feb 29  Gallery 357  Cameron at McClay

Here's a Gallery that sure to please.  Cameron charms us with her beauty in a wooded setting.  She is absolutely stunning!

Feb 22  Gallery 356  Cherie Vanity Fair Lace

Cherie is pretty in pink in this Vanity Fair Gallery.  We hope you enjoy her peek-a-boo playfulness and saucy smile. 

Feb 15  Gallery 355   Campbell Just for Fun
Campbell is back by multiple requests and we are exceptionally pleased.  She provides ample viewing of her wide lace trimmed trimmed half slip and much more.  Speaking of more, Campbell leaves us wanting more.   Sooooo stay tuned...   Enjoy!

Feb 8  Gallery 354   Cameron Vintage and Classic
Cameron is HOT in this unique Gallery featuring Cameron wearing Vintage Lingerie and as a Classic Nude.  CAUTION; Anyone with High Blood Pressure must use extreme caution when viewing this Gallery.  Cameron is HOT...!!!!

Feb 2  
Gallery 353   Alexia Front Button Skirt                                          
Alexia teases us with latest Gallery featuring Alexia dressing and her out fit includes a white Vanity Fair Half Slip and a skirt that buttons up the front.  Alexia is always a delight and she looks especially great in this Gallery.  We think you'll agree.

Feb 1   Cherie  February Slipmate of the Month
No red roses for our Valentine...  Cherie prefers Purple, the color of Passion.   And Passion is an accurate way to describe our February Slipmate.  Cherie has a love and excitement for life that shines through in the charm of her smile.  She loves to tease and have fun.  She's passionately sexy too!  ...we hope this Gallery brings out the passion in you.

Jan 31   Gallery 352   Irina More Petticoat Passion
Irina is playfully sexy in this final Petticoat Gallery of this series.  We look forward to additional Galleries from this Latvian Beauty!

Jan 24   Gallery 351   Irina Petticoat Passion
Irina charms us with this fantastic Petticoat Gallery.  There were so many great outtakes from her Slipmate Photo Op that a follow up Gallery just seemed natural.  We had a lot of fun working with Irina.  She's very special.

Jan 17   Gallery 350   Alexia Zipper Dress and More or is it Less
Alexia is superb,,, again!  Don't you just love zippers when you know that cute Gals like Alexia can make them unzip?  Well, "zip" right on in and enjoy Alexia as she unzips...

Jan 10   Gallery 349  Darlene Petticoat Photo Op
Darlene dazzles us in this Katie inspired Gallery.  We think Darlene really makes her petticoat stand out... so to speak.  What's your opinion? 

Jan 3   Gallery 348  Cameron Kilt
During a fairly recent trip to Scotland, we came across an upscale store with a delightful selection of Kilts.  There's a fascinating history that is conveyed by the colors and patterns in the various skirts.  Perhaps one of our members could write in and tell us the meaning and which Clan Cameron's Kilt belongs.  Don't you think she looks stunning.  We do and we are very pleased that Cameron is willing to share with us such  a provocative presentation.

Jan 1  Irina January Slipmate of the Month
The Republic of Moldova is a culturally rich and beautiful Country in Eastern Europe that is located to the Northeast of Romania and South of the Ukraine.  I bet you're curious about the geography tidbit...  Well, it's simple.  Irina is from Moldova, but we sure are glad she is here now.  Irina is highly intelligent (she speaks multiple languages), incredibly beautiful and we are pleased beyond expression that she had agreed to share her beauty and sexy charm with us.
                                                              Ahhhh... this is gonna be a great year. 

                Happy New Year
            Best Wishes for 2012

December 31, 2011  Gallery 347  Slipmate of the Month 2011 Year in Review
Here's a look back at this year's Slipmate of the Month photos.  From our vantage point, each Month's Photo brings back warm memories of a fascinating interaction between photographer and model.  These Gals are really special, not to mention sexy...

December 31, 2011  Gallery 346  Slipmates 2011 Year in Review
Let's take a look back over 2011 and once again enjoy the beauty and charm of the Gals that have graced our Gallery.  Each one is remarkable and we greatly appreciate their willingness to share a bit of themselves...  Enjoy!

December 25, 2011  Gallery 345  Campbell Christmas Gift

Santa will be pleased because it will be easy to tell if Campbell is naughty or nice...  She's both! ... and we're glad.  The way we see it, Campbell is a Christmas Gift.  Actually, she's a gift all year long.  We think she's pretty special and we love for her to stop by for a visit.  What a sexy, wonderful gift... Campbell !!!

December 24, 2011  Gallery 344  Campbell Christmas Eve

Campbell is sure to capture Santa's attention, and ours, as she prepares for a special visit by a special guy.  Anyone want to sign up and get into line?  ... or help???

December 16, 2011  Gallery 343  Alexia Blue and Copper
This Gallery is actually a continuation of Alexia's previous Gallery.  The color contrast between the copper color of Alexia's lace trimmed fullslip and the vintage sky blue dress combined with her sensual radiance make for a captivating Gallery.  Alexia is sexy and magnificent...

December 9, 2011  Gallery 342  Alexia Changing
Alexia works as a Healthcare Professional.  We just love her uniform.  However, we also love for her to shed her uniform and get into her "other uniform", if you know what we mean.  So, Alexia keeps our interest as she changes from one uniform to another.

December 2,, 2011  Gallery 341  Shelby More Wardrobe vol-2
Shelby continues to tease us as she goes through and organizes the wardrobe.  She like the hundreds of bras panties, halfslips, fullslips, petticoats and lots of street clothes.  Ahhhh, it's tough having to watch her try on all those unmentionables. But, somebody has to....     so,  Enjoy...    Big Smile!

December 1, 2011  Campbell December Slipmate of the Month
We wanna help Santa...  Campbell is one of his Elves and we want to sign up too.  Campbell continues to charm us with her sexy persona and somehow, we suspect she charms you too.  Look for more of her in the time ahead, but enjoy Campbell right now!

November 27, 2011  Gallery 340  Shelby More Wardrobe vol-1
Normally the Galleries are dated a week apart, but we were so excited about Shelby and her efforts to organize our Wardrobe that we just had to publish this Gallery a little early.  Shelby is AWESOME and we are pleased that she's part of our team...

November 23, 2011  Gallery 339  Shelby Managing the Studio Wardrobe
The day Shelby contacted us regarding a modeling gig certainly qualifies as a FANTASTIC day.  Well, long story short, we have some terrific photos, but we thought you'd enjoy seeing a really sexy Gal working in the Studio and doing a spontaneous photo shoot.  The objective was to organize the several thousand bras, panties, halfslips, fullslips, bustiers, camisoles, petticoats, crinolines, shirts, tops, dresses, shoes and myriad accessories that are used in our PhotoOps.  As part of her duties, Shelby spent hours trying on and wearing different types of lingerie.  Here's some shots taken with my iPhone 4.  The results are good, but I've since acquired the iPhone 4s.  There are quite a few thoughts on why the latest iPhone is named the iPhone 4s.  However, we are definitively convinced that it means  the "iPhone 4slips"...  and rest assured, it will be used in future PhotoOps.  I did get my Canon EOS 5D MarkII out and you'll see those results in the next couple of Shelby Galleries.  In the meantime we hope you enjoy Shelby in this lingerie rich Gallery...

November 16, 2011  Gallery 338  Campbell Seated & Perky vol-3
They say that all good things must end, but in this case... we wish it wouldn't.  Campbell completes the final Gallery of her three part series where she provides  intriguing and captivating moments of visual delight as she teases us with her lace trimmed halfslip and semi-sheer bra.  We are looking forward to our next encounter with this exceptionally lovely and sexy Doctor in Training...

November 9, 2011  Gallery 337  Campbell Seated & Perky vol-2
 Ahhhhh, this is so good.  Campbell continues to mesmerize us with her sexy charm in this provocative second Gallery of a three part series featuring Campbell in (and out of...) her halfslip and bra.  See if you agree that it's fantastic to have her back with us.

November 2, 2011  Gallery 336  Campbell Seated & Perky vol-1
Campbell is back and we are very, very pleased.  She's in Med School and is taking time out of her hectic schedule to work with us.  We think you'll be pleased too... Oh, I almost forgot.  She has a mystical ability to cause the Heart to skip a beat or two and to elevate the Blood Pressure. So, proceed to this Gallery with caution...

November 1, 2011  Peyton  November Slipmate of the Month

It's starting to get cooler outside, but we are of the Opinion that Peyton will heat things up a bit.  Peyton is hot and we look forward to seeing more of her in the Gallery.  Perhaps we can persuade to to return for an other Photo Session.  Anyone have any special requests? 

October 31, 2011 
Gallery 335  Nikki Vanity Fair Scalloped Lace Fullslip
Nikki is a special Gal.  We celebrate her life in this Gallery where one of our favorite people wears our most requested Fullslip.  We are saddened to announce to our members the untimely death of a very dear, vibrant and wonderful  model and friend.  Nikki will certainly be missed.

October 24, 2011 
Gallery 334  Elle Pink Vintage Fullslip
Recent review of our Archives revealed that Elle came into our Studio a while  back and did some photo work with us.  So...  Here's Elle.  Enjoy!

October 17, 2011 
Gallery 333  Alexia Shopping
Now here's a dream scenario.  Alexia takes us along with here while she shops.  Admittedly, the photos are not the same quality as when we do Studio or other Location shoots because Alexia uses her iPhone.  We'll work on the quality issue in later updates, but for now... click and enjoy as Alexia takes us with her...

October 10, 2011  Gallery 332  Alexia Falling for Fall                                                     We just love this time of year.  The colors are spectacular and so is Alexia in this colorful and provocative Gallery.  We think you'll agree... 

October 3, 2011  Gallery 331  Gwen Fall Colors                                                                Fall colors are dazzling and so is Gwen as she dazzles us in her spectacular Gallery.  Gwen is our October Slipmate and this Gallery is a natural sequel.  We think you'll enjoy Gwen as she touts her crisp Petticoat and Coral Full Slip...

October 1, 2011  
Gwen October Slipmate of the Month
They say dynamite comes in small packages.  We certainly agree and are excited about a new model...  Gwen ushers in the Fall with her provocative Gallery that features a frequently requested dazzling combination of Petticoat and Full Slip.  Gwen certainly brings out the passion in us... how about you?  Write in, and ask  Gwen to be back in the Gallery very soon ...  or just write in and ask for a couple of unpublished outtakes.

September 26, 2011  Gallery 330   Campbell Just for Lee                                       There's a pretty persistent guy in Scotland who wrote quite a few emails expressing his appreciation for our Photo Art... oh, and did I mention that he always seemed to find a way to include Campbell in the communication in a positive and appreciative way.  Well, I may be slow to respond.... BUT, not unreasonably slow.  Sooooooo, we searched out archives and found quite a few sets of unpublished photos of the lovely, enchanting, beautiful and very sexy Campbell.  Regrettably, she graduated and will be attending Med School out of Country.  I think I'll be changing Doctor's when she finishes Med School.  

September 19, 2011  Gallery 329  Drea "Thong and Cheek"  Slip Tease vol-2            It's been said that you can't get enough of a good thing.  In keeping with that truth, Drea graces our Gallery with a fantastic "Thong & Cheek"  Slip Tease (play in words intended...) Photo Op.             Magnifique !!!   très bon !!!    ... and downright sexy!!!

September 12, 2011  Gallery 328 Drea "Thong & Cheeck" Slip Tease vol-1               We were delighted when Drea called and said that she was in the area.  She asked if we had a time slot available for a Photo Op.  You've can imagine that were jumped on that opportunity pretty quick.  "You bet!", we said, "Can you be here 30 minutes ago?"  When the dust settled, or should say "slip settle"  ... Well, check out this sexy Gallery and the one to follow and you'll get the idea.  Enjoy !

September 6,2011  Animated Photo Sequence                                                               All four Animated Photo Sequences on the Home Page have been updated.  Place your cursor over any one of the four photos at the top of the page and watch the model come to like.  Alexia, Heather, Karen and Ruth will hold your attention.

September 5, 2011  Gallery 327  Alexia Pantyhose and Wraparound                     Alexia was kind enough to shoot a custom video for one of our members.  The request was simple...  Wraparound dress and Pantyhose with no Panties.  Alexia outdid herself in the video and we have a sexy Gallery as a result.  We think you'll find this Gallery to be of great interest...

September 1, 2011   Drea September Slipmate of the Month                                     Drea provides a fascinating and provocative closure to Summer.  Webster defines The Dog Days of Summer as the period from early July through early September.  The weather typically is hot and sultry.  Hmmm, we are talking about the weather, right?  Well, it's September and it certainly is hot and sultry.  Drea is hot and sultry too, as she slips out of her dress and then slips out of more.... or is that more correctly stated that out of more means less...   See for yourself!

August 31, 2011  Gallery 326  Cherie nylon Full Briefs vol-3

Alright Guys, this Gallery is the final update for Cherie to model her Nylon Full Briefs in this series and we hope it satisfies your many. many requests.  We think she looks pretty sexy.  Watch for more member requested Galleries in the near future.  Stay close..... 

August 24, 2011  Gallery 325  Cherie Nylon Full Briefs vol-2

Hey Mooch, Ed, Greg and a host of other S&C Members who have repeatedly asked for Cherie to model her nylon full briefs, here's you Dreams Request come true...  Cherie sure makes us appreciate her sexy charm as she continues changing from full brief to full brief.  We love it!  ... and trust you will too.

August 17, 2011  Gallery 324  Cherie Nylon Full Briefs vol-1

For US History buffs, today is Davy Crockett's birthday.  He was born on this day in 1786 and was one of the defenders who were defeated at the Alamo on March 6, 1836.  He was.....   wait just a cotton pickin' minute!  There's the History Channel for this stuff, but we have a sure fire way to celebrate such an auspicious occasion.  We suspect that Davy would wish he were here to enjoy Cherie wearing her nylon full briefs.  There's a passel of 'em.  Bet Ole Davy would give up his Coon Sking Cap for more of Cherie ...  Whatcha think?

August 10, 2011  Gallery323  Kehli at St. Marks

Here's a delightfully pleasing Gallery.  Kehli,, as we mentioned previously, was a good sport.  There were quite a few "Visitors" and as you can imagine, created some interesting challenges during the PhotoOp.  There were a number of onlookers who seemed most pleased that a cute Gal was running around in a bra and slip.  See if you are pleased too...

August 3, 2011  Gallery 322  Claire & Kiley Fun & Frolic vol-4

Claire and Kiley conclude their sexy and captivating Hair Design Photo Series in this revealing Gallery.  As was said earlier, we want to go to wherever they perform their Stylist Art and benefit from their talent and incredible charm.  Thanks Gals...

August 1, 2011  Kehli August Slipmate of the Month

This was a fun PhotoOp to say the least.  Kehi is truly a great sport.  We packed our gear (Camera, slips, essentials, etc.) and headed to the Coast.  The St Marks Lighthouse is no longer in operation, but as you can tell from the number of cars, trucks and other vehicles it is a frequently visited location.  There were quite a few visitors and they certainly were interested in our photo activity.  Guess they, like us, think Kehli looks really great in her sky blue vintage fullslip. See what you think...  By the way...  There's more to follow...

July 28, 2011  Gallery 321  Claire & Kiley Fun & Frolic vol-3

One good turn deserves another.  Claire and Kiley intrigue us with this continuation of their escapades.  I just love their attire.  Hmmmm, where do I find a stylist like them?. 

July 21, 2011  Gallery 320  Claire & Kiley Fun & Frolic vol-2The fun continues as Clair and Kiley move to the next level of their frolic with each other.  I just love the fashion.  How about you?  There's more... Stay tuned!

July 14, 2011  Gallery 319 Claire & Kiley Fun & Frolic vol-1

What can be more fun than two Hair Stylists, Claire in a White Fullslip and Kiley in a Peach vintage Halfslip having fun as they frolic in their labor of love designing each others' hairstyle.  Do you notice that they check each other out...?  Can't wait for more.

July 7, 2011  Gallery 318 Cameron Vintage and Contemporary vol-2

Cameron continues her stunning fireworks presentation in this hot Gallery.  Watch as she removes outer layers and gets down to basics.  Let's see if she charms you as much as she does us...

July 4, 2011  Gallery 317 Cameron Vintage and Contemporary vol-1

Cameron dazzles us in this Star Spangled Red, White and Blue fireworks brilliant update.  What a fascinating combination of vintage with contemporary.  Cameron charms with her contemporary look and teases us with her vintage half slip.

July 1, 2011  Cameron July Slipmate of the Month

Here in the Colonies, July is highlighted by a spirit of Independence.  Cameron embodies that spirit as our July Slipmate of the Month.  She is very contemporary with her new presentation and very vintage with her choice of fashion.  See if you agree, July is a good month and Cameron is a visual feast.

June 29, 2011  Gallery 316  Cherie Vision in a Bra vol-2

Here's the second installment of our two Gallery series where Cherie changes from one Bra into another...  We hope you enjoy your "Backstage Pass" as Cherie continues to captivate and hold our attention.  Hang in there Mooch, your turn is close at hand.  Did you see all those full nylon briefs....?

June 22, 2011  Gallery 315  Cherie Vision in a Bra vol-1

Slips & Curves is the name.... but, once in a while we take a little detour.  There's a pretty interesting Lingerie Fashion Show presented annually on National TV.  Anyone venture a guess as to the Brand Name??? 

Working backstage, behind the scenes must be a tough job, but someone has to do it.   Several members have asked to have one of our Gals showcase changing from one Bra into another. That's kinda like working backstage.

Cherie has provided a sensually pleasing visual treat as she changes into multiple bras.  This was a tough Photo Op!  Anyone want to help...  Oh, Mooch... your request is in Post Production.  We haven't forgotten.  (Big Smile)


June 15, 2011  Gallery 314  Ruth Vintage Lace & Other Secrets vol-2

It's been said that you can "never get too much of a good thing".  Since that's true, it is very good that we get to see more of Ruth and her "Other Secrets" in this provocative Gallery.  Don't you agree that she looks absolutely gorgeous?  We can't see enough of her and suspect you agree. 

June 8, 2011  Gallery 313  Ruth Vintage Lace and Other Secrets vol-1

Ruth dazzles us with her beauty and charm as she shows off her vintage lace full slip and other secrets.  Enjoy the delightful range of colors as you review this fantastic Gallery.

June 2, 2011  Gallery 312  Alexia  Helping with Art Sales

Here's a Gallery that's sure to please...  As you may know, we also market Art.  Alexia is a pretty good sport and offered to help our sales effort.  Hmmmmm, do you think you would be willing to add to collection of culturally enriching pieces of art?  We would!!!  Many thanks Alexia...  You certainly do great work!!!

June 1, 2011  Heather June Slipmate of the Month

They say that June is busting out all over.  We say that Heather is our June Slipmate and she is definitely Busing Out... all over !!!  For this delightful update we went toward the Gulf Coast.  Now you must understand that there's lots of traffic in this area and Heather was ever watchful.  Actually so were the passerby's...  There will be Gallery Updates from this series, so stay tuned !

May 30, 2011  Gallery 311  Summer Slipping into the Summer

OK Guys, It really is Summer time.  So here's Summer in her first appearance in the Gallery.  We hope the heat isn't too much for everyone.  I hope your smile is as big as mine.    ;)    xoxo Claire

May 23, 2011  Gallery 310  Alexia Tease with a Top

Alexia is "Delish" in this rather intriguing and provocative "ventilated top".  Now don't strain your eyes too much...  Well, OK... it's OK if you strain a little.  xoxo Claire

May 16, 2011  Gallery 309  Claire Vixen in Yellow vol-2

OK, I've already to you that my favorite thing at work is getting to dance around in my favorite yellow dress.  What would you say if I told you that wind up in my forest green fullslip with exquisite jade lace trim? You wouldn't look would you??   xoxo Claire

May 9, 2011  Gallery 308  Cherie Vintage Visions vol-2

OK Everyone, Greg wanted more... and we did too.  Soooooo, Cherie continues to provide "change".  Her kind of change sure is easy to take.  Well, enough said!  This 75 photo Gallery leaves us wanting more... much more!  Let's see what lies ahead.

May 2, 2011  Gallery 307  Cherie Vintage Visions vol-1

Cherie provides a fascinating presentation about "change".  Let enjoy this visual treat as Cherie changes from one her secret treasure into another.  I'm sooooo looking forward to the next update in this series.  How about you?  Hey Greg... How do you like Cherie's full nylon briefs?

May 1, 2011  Alexia May Slipmate of the Month

Most folks receive presents on their birthday.  Alexia, sets a delightful precedent by giving herself to us on her birthday in this terrific Photo Essay.  We think you'll agree that she is a wonderful present and we just lover her frilly petticoat.  Ahhh, presents are nice.  Thank you Alexia, and by the way... Happy Birthday to you !

April 26, 2011  Gallery 306  Jacquelyn 50's Diner Dreams vol-2

Jacquelyn continues to guide us back to our fond memory of really cute Diner Girls!!!  As we said earlier, Jacquelyn is a 50's Dream come true into today's reality.  Let's all enjoy this delicious Gallery Update.

April 19, 2011  Gallery 305  Alexia Movie Star in Peach vol-1

Our lovely Alexia looks just like a movie star in her vintage peach Movie Star fullslip.  Treat yourself by spending some time admiring Alexia in this "peach" of a Gallery.  I know we are...             xoxo  Claire

April 12, 2011  Gallery 304  Claire Vixen in Yellow vol-1

Do you all know what I love about work?  Getting to dance around in my favorite yellow dress.  I found this little number at a local vintage store and paired it perfectly with my forest green fullslip with exquisite jade lace trim.  Watch me dance around and have a ball! Do you mind if my slip shows a little? Write and let me know what you think?   xoxo  Claire      Claire@SlipsAndCurves.us    

April 5, 2011  Gallery 303  Jacquelyn 50's Diner Dreams vol-1

You know what we miss most about the old time Soda Fountains?  You can bet that it isn't the malted milk shakes!  Let's let Jacquelyn take us back to our favorite memory: the really cute Diner Girls!!!  Jacquelyn is a 50's Dream come true into today's reality in the first of a two part Gallery Update.  Now stay focused.... Watch the Lacey Slip... 

April 1, 2011  Kiley 4th Anniversary April Slipmate of the Month

4th Anniversary!  Where did the time go? From Nicole (1st Anniversary) to Kiley (this year) we've had scores of lovely ladies showcased in more than 300 Updates.  These beautiful ladies have shared everything from their inner charms to their hidden and secret "unmentionables".  Let's welcome KIley in continuing this awesome tradition!                                                                             xoxo  Claire

March 29, 2011  Gallery 302  Collette in the Garden

It's Springtime and our ladies are dying to get outdoors.  Let's watch Collette tease and play as she enjoys the warm weather and we enjoy her!                   xoxo  Claire

March 22, 2011  Gallery 301  Alexia Anthrapologie & Vintage Blue Lace

Alexia combines the best of  contemporary and vintage fashion in this spectacular 60 photo Gallery.  Enjoy as she slips out of her Anthrapologie dress and reveals her vintage blue full slip.  Just possibly there's more to follow in the time ahead...                                                                                                                                        xoxo Claire 

March 15, 2011  Gallery 300  Ruth, Temptress an Enchanting 300th

Wow!  Our 300th Gallery and they're all still available!  Ruth and I had so much fun shooting this 300 photo Gallery.  Watch her expressions as she teases us with her lavender petticoat.  I hope you have as much fun watching Ruth as I did photographing her!

                                                                                                    xoxo Claire

March 8, 2011  Gallery 299  Ruth, Zip & Slip

Ruth Teases us yet again in this 100 photo Gallery.  Watch her unzip strategically located  zippers.  Oops, one wrong "zip" and she's in trouble.  Can you tell when?  Her many zippers make for a fun session.  Can you tell which slip she's wearing?  Write me and let me know what you think... You might have a surprise photo or two...   if you're right.  I am the new Photo Art Director at Slips & Curves and can be contacted at the email address shown below with your answer and any suggestions, comments  or special requests you may have...    

                         Claire@slipsandcurves.us       xoxo Claire

March 1, 2011  Jacquelyn March Slipmate of the Month

Let's welcome Jacquelyn back to the Gallery in this intriguing and sensual look back to a by-gone era of fashion.  Jacquelyn is most appealing in and out of her 50's style Diner's Uniform.  Sure makes us want to go back!  Oh... the Blue Satin Full Slip looks pretty good on her too...


February 28, 2011  Gallery 298  Ashland, One Last Time

Let's watch as Ashland joins us one final time in a lovely white lace half slip and changes from sultry vintage clothing into her own clothing and gives us one final tease!  Help us bid Ashland adieu in her final Gallery!

February 22, 2011  Gallery 297  Claire Classy & Classic

Watch as I model this gorgeous white and lacy Vanity Fair full slip!  It's one of my favorites to wear.  I have even started wearing them around the house and of course in the Studio.  But it doesn't stay on long as I tease you all in this Gallery update!  Hope you enjoy my work. ;)  Love, Claire

February 15, 2011  Gallery 296  Ruth, Unzipped

Ruth is featured in this update in a sassy pink zippered dress.  Watch her tease and play with us frame after frame! Ahhhhhhh, don't you just love photography?  Our minds are surely to become "unzipped" with her beauty and sexy charm.

February 8, 2011  Gallery 295  Collette in the Courtyard

Collette, our Valentine Slipmate of the Month, continues to delight us in her sexy sheer dress and rouge lace trimmed full slip.  Let's join her in the Courtyard and enjoy her playfulness.  She leaves us wanting more (or is it ... less)!

February 1, 2011  Gallery 294  Ashland & Colleen A Blast from the Past

Well look what we found in our archives!  Some unpublished photos of Ashland and Colleen being absolutely alluring with Ashland in a half slip and Bride's Maid dress and Colleen assisting her in a pleasantly pink petticoat.  Lend Colleen a helping hand with Ashland's intimates...

February 1, 2011  Collette February Slipmate of the Month

Valentine's Day never looked so good!  Collette in her racy rogue full slip with lace trim featured in our Sculpture Garden for a Valentine's Day treat that is as sweet as her smile.  Do you want Collette to be your Valentine?  We do!

January 31, 2011  Gallery 293  Collette Vivid Violet & Apron vol-2

Collette continues to charm us in her vividly violet full slip.  Oh, and did we mention that her vintage apron is part of the outfit too?  Awesome! Stupendous! Sexy!

January 24, 2011  Gallery 292  Collette Vivid Violet & Apron  vol-1

Please welcome Collette to the Gallery in her first Gallery Showing.  See what you think about her vividly violet full slip and vintage apron.  We are looking forward to more of her work in the time ahead. 

January 17, 2011  Gallery 291  Alexia Vintage Green Shift & Lace

The new year continues with this enticing photo essay that's sure to please.  There's something special about a really cute Gal in a vintage dress and lace trimmed full slip from a prior era.  Alexia is totally captivating as she shares this "play on the imagination" nostalgic outfit with us.

January 10, 2011  Gallery 290  Claire Vanity Fair to Full Briefs

Claire delights us again in her signature White Vanity Fair Fullslip.  Did we mention that she eventually winds up in her Nylon Full Briefs and that's a special delight too.

January 3, 2011  Gallery 289  Claire Vintage Pink Dress

Here's a nice follow up on Claire's Slipmate Feature.  She's a really cute Gal and we love working with her.  We sure hope you enjoy her work too...

January 3, 2011  Gallery 288  Slips & Curves 2010 Review

Enjoy this pleasant review of the Gals that shared time with us this past year.  This 120 photo update is sure to bring back some pleasant memories.  It sure sets the stage for the anticipation of a fantastic year ahead.

January 3, 2011  Gallery 287  2010 Slipmate of the Month Review

Here's our delightful and sexy dozen Slipmates for 2010.  Don't you agree that it was a great year?  Let's look forward to the new year with grateful appreciation for the past.

January 1, 2011  Ruth January Slipmate of the Month

Ruth is adorable as she frolics in her full skirt and petticoat.  This is a fantastic way to start the New Year.  There will certainly be more updates from this wonderful photo session.